Hannah Wolley

Almond Pudding


Hannah Wolley (born 1623) was one of the most successful cookery book writers of her time. She is the first woman to have her name attributed to such a book, and the first to have attempted to make a living from writing about cookery. She wrote four books which contained recipes for general cookery, medical remedies and confectionery.

The Queen-Like Closet Or Rich Cabinet: Stored With All Manner Of Rare Receipts For Preserving, Candying And Cookery. Very Pleasant And Beneficial To All Ingenious Persons Of The Female Sex. By Hannah Wolley.

To make the best Almond-Puddings.

Take a quart of thick Cream and boil it a while with whole Spice, then put in half a pound of sweet Almonds blanched and beaten to a Paste with
Rosewater, boil these together till it will come from the bottom of the Posnet, continually stirring it for fear it burn:

Then put it out, and when it is cool, put in twelve yolks of Eggs, and six Whites, some Marrow in big Bits, or Beef Suet shred small, as much Sugar as you think fit, then fill your Guts being clean scraped; you may colour some of them if you please, and into some put plumped Currans, and boil them just as you do the other.