Orange Pudding


(1764) English Housewifery Exemplified, by Elizabeth Moxon

 A book necessary for Mistresses of Families, higher and lower Women ervants, and confined to Things USEFUL, SUBSTANTIAL and SPLENDID, and calculated for the Preservation of HEALTH, and upon the Measuresof Frugality, being the Result of thirty Years Practice and Experience.


By Elizabeth Moxon.


Orange Pudding

Take two Seville oranges, the largest and cleanest you can get, grate ff the outer skin with a clean grater; take eight eggs, (leave out two f the whites) half a pound of loaf sugar, beat it very fine, put it to our eggs, and beat them for an hour, put to them half a pound of clarified butter, and four ounces of almonds blanch'd, and heat them ith a little rose-water; put in the juice of the oranges, but mind you don't put in the pippens, and mix together; bake it with a thin paste ver the bottom of the dish. It must be baked in a slow oven.