White Puddings In Skins


(1764) English Housewifery Exemplified, by Elizabeth Moxon

A book necessary for Mistresses of Families, higher and lower Women ervants, and confined to Things USEFUL, SUBSTANTIAL and SPLENDID, and calculated for the Preservation of HEALTH, and upon the Measures

of Frugality, being the Result of thirty Years Practice and xperience.

By Elizabeth Moxon.

White Pudding in skins


Take half a pound of rice, simmer it in milk while it be soft, when it is ready put it into a cullinder to drain; take a penny loaf, cut off the crust, then cut it in thin slices, scald it in a little milk, but do not make it over wet; take six eggs and beat them very well, a pound of currants well cleaned, a pound of beef-suet shred fine, two or three spoonfuls of rose-water, half a pound of powder sugar, a little salt, a quarter of an ounce of mace, a large nutmeg grated, and a small stick of cinnamon; beat them together, mix them very well, and put them into the skins; if you find it be too thick put to it a little cream; you may boil them near half an hour, it will make them keep the better.